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Leica M3 Double Stroke Re-Paint

Excellent plus condition. The camera was repainted by Cameraworks in the U.K. and CLA’d. The paint is black gunmetal. There are usage marks on the body but nothing major. The finder is clear and the functions are smooth. Comes with the body cap only. 1 month warranty.

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Leica M3 Single Stroke

Excellent condition. The body has some usage marks and scratches. The finder is clean and clear without haze or separation. The leatherette is in good condition. The camera was CLA’d semi recently and is in perfect working condition. The speeds are all on and the movements are smooth. Camera only. 1 month warranty.

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Leica M3 Repainted Blue

Excellent condition. The camera has been checked and is in full working condition. There is balsam separation in the finder. No word on who did the repaint of the camera. Comes as the camera only. 1 month warranty.

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