JCH Apparel Summer Sale

Unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere then summer is upon us. And it is getting hot here in Tokyo. Time to break out the JCH gear for your photo summer. In case you haven’t grabbed anything from the JCH Spring store then you totally should (and many thanks to those of you who already have). And as a bonus I am offering 15% off all apparel in the Spring Store. Use the Code TOOHOT and get your discount.

So here it is, the JCH Spring Store.

We have the lucky cat, or Maneko Neko shirt to bring you prosperity and great shots.



We also have the JCH Passed shirts now available in a wide range of colorways. We will announce new designs on social media as well so please make sure you follow us on instagram, facebook, Youtube and Twitter


Showa Vibes

We have a couple of old school Showa style shirts too, including the Kamera-Ya shirt and the rather fruity Shunga shirt.

Follow the link to grab something awesome https://japancamerahunter.creator-spring.com/?

And remember you can still get lots of cool stuff at the JCH Shop.