FILM NEWS: Dubblefilm releases SHOW turquoise camera

Dubblefilm is beyond proud to announce the birth of their 3rd SHOW camera. The SHOW turquoise is a bright summer addition to the 35mm camera range by dubblefilm.

With the yellow handgrip, Liliac neck strap and neon pink case, every analogue shooter will be ready to tackle the summer we all deserve after the last eighteen months of restrictions.

The SHOW is a very simple point and shoot 35mm camera. Flash on and off are the only settings you need to worry about. In the last months the competition in the low end “reusable cameras” has heated up.
Dubblefilm however prides itself on offering a personal service to its customers and supporting SHOW-shooters with great content on the recently launched Webzine, providing tips and tricks as well as inspiration on how to improve your SHOW shooting.

The camera also comes with a case – designed by Hightide in Japan – that holds the camera as well as film. The cotton neck strap is perfect to keep your SHOW ready to shoot and the instructions are riso printed artwork by Jose A Roda in Spain.


► 32mm Lens f=8
► Shutter speed 1/125s
► Focus = 1m to ∞
► Electric flash powered by one AAA battery
► Size: 114mm(W) x 63mm(H) x 35mm(D)
► Weight: 100g


► PVC with metal zip
► Size: 118mm(W) x 89mm(H) x 60mm(D)
► Inside and outside pockets
► Cotton neck strap

You might have heard of dubblefilm on the site before. dubblefilm is a Barcelona-based photography brand launched in October 2017 as a spin off from an iOS photo app called dubble. dubblefilm aims to bring creativity and fun to the analogue community.
Their range of speciality 35mm films with effects and accessories such as nylon camera straps in bold colours can be found in many stores worldwide.

The new SHOW is available on the dubblefilm site as well as via the many retailers that stock dubblefilm. You can find a local store here