NEWS: International Shipments affected by Covid-19 *update*

What crazy times we are going through right now. We hope all of you are keeping sane and safe throughout this insane ordeal.

We’re still trucking along but unfortunately the post in Japan has temporarily suspended mail items destined to certain countries. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there about the shipping, spread by some individuals on social media who think they are an authority. So this is the official list from the Japan Post or check below to see if your country is affected.


Please note that countries that are not on this list are experiencing severe delays. There has been a marked cutback in the amount of cargo flights, so packages are backed up a the international sorting centre.

Many countries are experiencing delays of 2-3 weeks now. Please bear that in mind before you place an order. We are trying to get orders out as quickly as possible but we now have to wait for pre arranged shipping dates to ensure worker safety.

Please be nice too, we understand that it is a difficult time and tensions are high,  but we are human too. If you are not sure you can wait it is better not to place an order, as we get charged by paypal for refunding you. Please try to be patient and don’t be that person who send the ‘Wheres my package? wurst service evar!’ mail. We are all in this together.


EMS is no longer accepting shipments to the USA, as there is a massive backlog and a lack of flights. We are trying to find an alternative option for shipping that is reasonably prices. Please note that any orders made now may take a significant amount of time to ship. If you are in doubt don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through the contact form.

Just a friendly reminder, the “SUCKITCOVID” code for 15% off in the shop still applies to JCH items (sorry not apparel or lenses).

Thanks for your continued support and stay safe out there everyone!

JCH & The Team