In your bag No: 1657 – Erik Broberg

Erik has come full circle in his photographic journey and is partial to this sentimental simple setup.

Hello there folks, The Disposable Photographer calling from Sweden!

My actual name is Erik Broberg and I call the rural parts of the Swedish west coast my home. It’s close to many things; cities, the coast, farmland and forests. But still a bit in between if you know what I mean. Life can be quite still.

Kodak Fun Classic

My photographical history dates back to the summer of 1996 when I got my first own camera; a Kodak Fun Classic disposable 35mm f/11 camera loaded with 27 shots of Kodak gold film. All the frames were wasted while wasting time as a kid; riding bikes, swimming, camping and being kids goofing around in the summer time. Those were the days.

Kodak KB10

My second camera; the Kodak KB10, 30mm f/8 compact camera with a flash, was given to me before a school trip in 1999. I still remember the excitement when getting the developed film back from “Extra film”, the biggest company at the time for developing film in Sweden. It was this excitement that got me back into film in 2015, and suddenly I was a child again or at least I felt a childish joy.

In 2015 I felt stuck with my photography after eight years of shooting with a DSLR, becoming a photo enthusiast with a mindset of seeing photos everywhere, and something had to change or else I was going to put my camera on the shelf.

Olympus AZ-210

As a stroke of luck I found my parents Olympus AZ-210 compact camera from the 90s while going through old stuff. This is the camera responsible for documenting most of my childhood. After changing battery the camera lit up, it was alive! Inside sat an old roll of 400ASA color film with a few frames left to be exposed. I took the shots and it worked, the old exposures came back a bit faded but the ones I took looked fine.

Next I went on a bit of a 35mm soul search, trying different film stocks (portra 400, ektar 100, gold 200, tri-x 400, hp5, agfa apx400) and cameras (Contax T2, Leica C1, Leica M6 and Olympus AZ-230). The film bug bit me and I was hooked on the grain!

Back to disposable

In 2016 I came full circle as I took a Kodak funsaver disposable camera on fishing trip. I was back at my disposable origin. Now disposable cameras are my main tool with our old AZ-210 as my compliment. I shoot for myself and value the process as much as the pictures, no choices gives me total freedom.

My “bag” is actually our canon video camera bag which holds one disposable camera, two rolls of film and a cloth for the lens. Usually I carry this bag loaded plus another disposable in my hand and the AZ-210 around my neck. At the moment I am trying out various disposables, excited to see the results later this year. You can see my rural still life photos @thedisposablephotographer

If you made it this far I salute you and wish you good luck. Take care and stay disposable.


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