Get Featured: Daniel Weiss
Todays feature is by Daniel Weiss. Daniel had a pretty serious motorcycle accident a little while back, which has stopped him from being able to work. So he is selling prints of his photographs of NYC. Daniel has a darkly humorous view of the Big Apple. Check it out.

I was born and raised in New York City, and for many years the city has been my subject.

I always find myself photographing the interesting characters of the street and some of the unique situations that I come across. It is my own specific version of the city, it may not quite be reality. I often find myself having to leave out more than I end up including in order to give it the certain feeling that I’m always looking for.

I’m 6 months into recovering from a terrible motorcycle accident where I almost died. In the mean time while I still can’t work I’m selling 11×14 prints (with larger sizes available) of any photo on my website or instagram for $100.

I normally don’t feature pieces with this little text, but I am willing to overlook this for Daniel. I love the images and would like to show my support as I have had a bike accident in the past (though not as serious) and I know what healthcare is like in the US. Please help Daniel out and get some of these fantastic images.

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