Film News: Fomapan Bundles from CFP


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Film News: Fomapan Bundles from CFP
When I see how hard Vishal at Camerafilmphoto works to keep film going strong, I am always blown away by how much effort he puts into his work. He really loves film and loves to spread the passion. And now he is doing it again with the release of these Fomapan bundles. If you have not heard of Fomapan film before then now is your chance to try out this Czech magic.

There are several different bundles available, including 120 film and 135, neatly bundled into JCH film cases for ease of use and convenient storage. They also look pretty fabulous too.

You can get yourself either 100, 200 or 400 speed films so you can try out a few different ones to see what suits you.

You can check out these bundles and more at the CameraFilmPhoto site

Check them out, shoot some film and as Vishal says #enjoytheprocess.
Oh, and Vishal offers various shipping options, so drop him a line through the site to see what he can do for you.


2 comments on “Film News: Fomapan Bundles from CFP”

    Hilde October 21, 2015 at 2:42 pm / Reply

    I will never stop regretting not buying a massive load of Fomapan film when I was in Prague last August. Next time I’m going back, I’m stocking up. For now, I shall check out this link instead :) I would love to try out some of their 120mm :)

    Benn Murhaaya October 23, 2015 at 9:07 pm / Reply

    Being from czech republic, I shoot fomapan almost exclusively. I’ve never been fond of the 200 as it uses T crystal (if I am not mistaken). The 100 and 400 are very nice films. In 35 mm, they have a rather thick base and are completely flat after drying. Completely and absolutely flat. Tri-X on the other hand curls longitudaly on me… not cool for scanning. There is however one drawback. The films are not DX coded (even though their webpage says they are). This bugs me only for 400 as I shoot compacts and I need to scratch out the dx code or respool to reusable film can. I gotta give them a call about that.

    In 4×5 in it’s about four times cheaper than next brand (ilford) and yet, they provide good quality. The only drawback is they all share the same notch so no notch code telling different types apart. They recently introduced a 320 retro pan soft film. I have some sheets but I haven’t tried them yet.

    All in all, I belive the foma is a great film. Even though, it is considered a cheap-o brand in czech republic (400 costs half as much as tri-x 400) it’s qualities are there.

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