Film News: Street Photography Bundles from CFP
Vishal at CameraFilmPhoto is always beavering away, coming up with new ideas for film case bundles (which are super popular). And this time he has come up with a couple that will make just about any film photographer happy.

As always CameraFilmPhoto pushes the boat out to bring us moar film. There are two super bundles this time, for all the monochrome fans out there. A super street selection bundle and an Ilford mixed case.

The Street bundle contains a selection of black and white films perfect for the street shooter. All 400 rated films, including Rollei, Ilford, Bergger, Kodak and re-rolled Kodak BW-XX (my personal favourite).

It also comes in the super cool mixed colour half case, exclusive to CFP.

The second case is basically the greatest hits collection from Ilford. So you know you pretty much cannot go wrong with one of these. Perfect for someone who might want an introduction to Ilford films.

I tell you what, I could have done with one of these when I was a student. Like a taster pack, so that you can work out your personal favourite.

You can check out these bundles and more at the CameraFilmPhoto site

Check them out, shoot some film and as Vishal says #enjoytheprocess.
Oh, and Vishal offers various shipping options, so drop him a line through the site to see what he can do for you.