Film News: 120 film case bundles from CFP
A short while back, CameraFilmPhoto teamed up with JCH and knocked out some super film case bundles. Well they proved to be really popular and from the feedback we got people were asking for 120 film bundles too. Well, ask and thou shalt receive.

Yes, we have now put together these fantastic 120 bundle cases too. They are a little bit different from my Bikkuri cases in that you totally know what you are going to get with these, because is says so on the case.
The bundles currently available are as follows:
Rollei RPX25 120 JCH Bundle

Rollei RPX100 120 JCH Bundle

Rollei RPX400 120 JCH Bundle

Rollei Superpan 200 120 JCH Bundle

Rollei Retro 400 120 JCH Bundle

Rollei Retro 80’s 120 JCH Bundle

Rollei CR200 120 JCH Bundle

There is a deal on all bundles at the moment as well, with 10% off the prices until the end of August! So go over to CameraFilmPhoto and get yourself some bundles and get shooting.

You can find all of the bundles over here

Check them out, shoot some film and as Vishal says #enjoytheprocess.
Oh, and Vishal offers various shipping options, so drop him a line through the site to see what he can do for you. You can also see various examples of the result of the films on his site too.