In your bag 959, Henry Balaszaskul
We have a returnee bag today. Henry comes back to share with us how his gear has changed over 400 bags ago. Check it out.

After a few hundred “in your bag”, I am now back again.
A lot has changed since last time In your bag: 545.

I live now for half a year in Berlin and Study Photography at the “OSTKREUZSCHULE für Fotografie“
Berlin gives me new possibilities but parallel, I also work in Switzerland for several magazines and newspapers.


Also, my equipment has changed completely. I am now a leica freak.
For almost a year I have my Leica M9. I have never been so pleased with a camera. She is truly a workhorse.

Then I currently have the Summilux-M 1:1.4 / 50mm ASPH. What is unfortunately only borrowed.
Had the opportunity to test it. I’m totally overwhelmed by this glass and I want it as soon as possible.

In addition, the Leica M6. Unfortunately I use this all too rare.
Then the Summarit 35mm f / 2,5 M is currently my only lens. With it, I’ll do almost all jobs.

I recently got even with the flash on the road. It’s really an interesting challenge.

But it brings me clearly on. I can only recommend to anyone. I only work with cable, with the Nikon SC 28

The blue bag is from FREITAG

My goal is still the same. Change with pictures something in the world.
After graduation I want first of all to a couple of years traveling around to see where I belong.
And the street photography will certainly play a big role.
At the moment I am very happy with my bag.

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Henry Balaszeskul

Thanks for sharing your bag with us Henry. Cool to see the differences.
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