In your bag 728, Zach Garand
Sweet, I have wanted to see Kate’s bag for a while now. So it give me great pleasure to share this simple and awesome film bag with you all.

My name is Kate Garand, and I am a photographer from Toronto, Canada.  A few years ago I began shooting film almost exclusively for my personal work, and I haven’t regretted it since! I like doing all sorts of photography, but most of my own photos are shot on the street.
If you’d like to see some them, I post the ones I like at

This is the sort of bag setup I normally use for street photography.  It’s all meant to be really simple and unobtrusive – I don’t like carrying anything extra that I don’t need, and my shoulder thanks me for that at the end of the day.

The bag itself is a regular messenger bag with a Crumpler Haven padded insert inside.  It has plenty of dividers and pockets that make it excellent for camera gear, and the bag gives me bonus patriotism points too!

Here’s what’s inside:

-Leica M3 double stroke with an MS-Optical 50mm F1.1 Sonnetar – In my humble opinion, the M3 is the most beautiful camera ever made, and a real joy to shoot with.  I mostly shoot with a 50mm lens, so the massive finder is perfect for me, and I’ll usually have it loaded with some kind of black and white film.

The Sonnetar is recently new to me, and has been amazing so far.  I knew I needed to try one as soon as it was announced, since I’m all about keeping my kit light and compact.  I don’t always need F1.1, but it’s really nice to have the option when I need it.  Miyazaki-san is truly a genius!

-Olympus XA – Another one of my favourite cameras, this one always in my bag or my pocket whenever I go out, loaded with whatever C-41 film I have on hand.  Funny story about this camera – one time the aperture mechanism detached, so the lens was stuck wide open.  I spent a month trying to fix it until one day I accidentally knocked it off a desk.  It fell four feet to the floor and miraculously started working again.  It hasn’t skipped a beat since!

-Sunglasses – These are so I look cool, but they usually come off when I’m shooting so I can see the whole viewfinder!

-Klipsch noise-cancelling earbuds – For my jams, obviously.

-JCH film case – These are fantastic little cases, especially when I am travelling.  I’m a slow shooter so I don’t tend to need 10 rolls all at once.

On any given day, the M3 could be replaced by a Konica Hexar AF, Olympus OM-1, or even a Fuji GW690III, depending on what I’m feeling like!

I’ve been shooting a lot of XP2 these days because I love its look and it is so convenient, but I still like dirty-developing some HP5 or Acros in my bathtub whenever I have a chance.

Anyway, thanks for looking!  Feel free to send me a message if you want to chat – I’m always down to nerd out about photography or old film cameras.


Thanks for sharing your bag with us all Kate. I love this one, really simple. I was rolling around with the same setup for a while.
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