In your bag No: 544, Cesar Sebouhian
Cesar shares his…drawer with us. Cesar is a student, and consequently he cannot shoot all the time, sometimes he has to keep books and things in his bag. I hope he gets over his studentitis soon and can get shooting again.

I’m writing you about your section “In your bag”.

Currently in my bag there is only school stuff (I’m in exam period…)  and my camera stay on their drawer. I don’t really know if it’s correct for you but this is my reality now : sometimes I have to forget my passion !

On the picture you can see my loyal “Rollei 35T”, always in my pocket with a [email protected] Some photographs buy a Fuji XPRO-1 to replace their reflex on the weekend, I prefer film to that. I bought this camera on ebay for 120€, i’ts too much I Know, but that was a whim !

You can see a Nikon FG20 with a 50mm 1.4 AI bought in a second hand shop in St Tropez for only 20€… When I bought it, the blade in the lens was blocked, I just teardown the lens and clean the blade and it works perfectly since 2 years. Some people say that it’s not a good camera, but I’m disagree. For example,  the FG20 is very lighter than the F2  and cheaper : that’s why I don’t really care about this camera and it follow me when the situation can be dangerous.

Finally you can see the masterpiece ! The rolleiflex 2.8E : my love. I really enjoy this camera : so beautiful ! The lens is really good and the format is perfect. I always use this one for marking portrait. I can’t imagine doing one with my D700, I prefer using my rolleiflex. And when I use it, people always ask my about the year and not the price : I really appreciate this !

Indeed you can see some of my accessories, Yellow filter and orange filter in their case, Hood in his case too, the “gun” on the top, the supplementary lens “Correcteur de parallaxe”, the remote, the original manual with the indication of the first customer and finally the original and custom strap ! The flash isn’t here, it’s in my other home.

Now I just need the rolleipol, the rolleimarin and the rolleimeter !

You can’t see my photos from film because I only shoot my family and girlfriend with it.

Just this one with an F2 :

Best Regards,

Cesar Sebouhian, from France.

Many thanks for sharing your bag, I mean drawer with us. I hope that your exams were a success and you are able to shoot again.
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