The Kamono camera strap
As some of you may know I have been selling the silk camera straps for a while now. I have been working closely with the maker and he has decided to bring a few new designs out.

These straps are handmade in Tokyo by an artist who only uses the finest silk. In the past he used old kimono silk, but now he has started using original bolts of cloth for the straps. This means that he has a wider choice of designs and can be more selective about the quality of the silk.
In the past he used to make a fairly wide selection of colour ranges, but I have noticed that the black straps are by fair the most popular, so we have been working together to come up with a different selection of black base straps. There are a few different print patterns but the base is black.

All of these straps are handmade to the highest standards, using only the best quality silk. They are adjustable and universal in size, so they fit most of the major camera brands. They are perfect for users of micro four thirds cameras and basic model SLR’s.
The dimensions are as follows:
Strap body length: 57.5cm
Strap body width: 3.7cm
Total strap length: 125cm
All dimensions are approximate, as these are handmade and can change a little bit.

We are going to be mainly focussing on the black versions for now, but as you can see there are a few different styles. If you have a specific request for one when you order then please shoot me a mail and I can see what is available.
You can buy the straps in my shop all you have to do is click here, they are a smashing 4500 yen including postage, which is a bargain in anyones book.
So come along and show how much you love Japan (and Japancamerahunter) by getting one of these exclusive Kamono camera straps.