Eric Kim is in Tokyo, lets get the party started

Tonight is the night! The first night of the Tokyo Street Photography workshop hosted by Eric Kim. Eric arrived in Tokyo on Tuesday and has already been living it up with myself and Charlie Kirk. He has seen the sights and is now ready to get the show started. It seems that Eric is loving Tokyo too (despite the prices).
As part of the workshop we have teamed up with Leica Japan to show the best of the Leica lineup and to give the students a chance to have a hands on with the gear. We will also be having an exclusive party hosted by Leica on the final night. Pretty cool really.
Leica have been kind enough to loan me an M9 for the duration of the workshop, and I have to say I am really enjoying it. It is a fantastic camera. Well built and well balanced it is perfect with my 35mm Summicron ASPH. The images are sharp and well rendered too. I think I am going to have to get one of my own after this.

I am really looking forward to getting a fair bit of use out of this thing and having a good time with the students. I shall be teaching the beginner group and we are going to have a great time. The weather is a bit grotty, but it doesn’t matter, we will wrap up warm and get to it, shooting everywhere we possibly can. There is a lot to see and only a small amount of time to see it, so we are going to do our very best to make sure the students have a fantastic experience.

All of these pictures are ones that I have taken with the M9 since Eric arrived. I am really starting to enjoy using this thing. Though my love is still film, there is no denying the convenience that this camera demonstrates.
I hope you enjoy the shots and enjoy eric’s videos. We are going to be doing updates and blog posts about the workshop so keep on coming back and see what we get.