Quite possibly one of the best lenses in the world

Well well folks, I have something quite special for you all today. I have recently been able to source a stunning Leica Summilux 35mm ASPH 6-bit encoded lens. To say that this lens is beautiful would be an understatement, as the quality of build is sublime. The glass itself is wonderful too, sporting the nice balance of a 35mm focal length with the balance of the Aspherical elements, this lens is pin sharp when it needs to be, but fast enough for you to shoot at 1.4 without it being horribly soft.

The lens pictured on the M6 is the lens that is available at the moment (though not with the M6, that is mine). The lens itself is in fantastic condition, having been kept in a temperature controlled environment since its purchase. There are very very slight marks on the barrel of the lens, but I do mean slight, you can barely notice them. The glass is clean and clear, the coating is intact and it comes with the box and the original case. But the best thing about this lens? Well, I personally think it takes some damned sharp pictures…like these for example:

I really like the balance that this lens offers in terms of contrast and sharpness, it really seems to have a glow to it. I love this lens and have used one for a while. As a medium wide it is a bit bigger than the Summicron, but it does not feel overly large, so the camera still feels level when you use it.

So, this is it, the lens you see on this camera is the lens that is available to you right now. It is a beauty and I expect it to disappear quickly. If you are interested in this lens (or any others that I have) drop me a line through either my contact page or by clicking here by clicking here.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comment on this lens or this post. Please take the time to leave a comment in the comment section below.