There are camera straps, and there are A&A camera straps
And these are what I would call the Rolls Royce of camera straps. I go through a fair few camera straps, and often find some of them lacking. There are a few that I like, especially original branded ones (Ricoh GR for example), but most straps are pretty poorly designed or made. I currently use a MAP original leather strap on my Leica. It is a nice strap, there is no doubt about that. But after putting on one of these beauties I have been completely converted. The quality of the strap itself is amazing. The softness of the leather and the detail in the stitching. It makes we want to go out and buy more cameras just so I can put straps on them.

It is a real shame that they are not more readily available outside of Japan, because I know that they would be insanely popular. But then, it is often the way that the very coolest bits from Japan don’t often make it out.

I have managed to get my hands on a whole load of these straps just recently, so I am going to be selling them through the store at less than retail, so I imagine that they will sell out pretty fast.
So, come and get your little it of Japanese quality for you camera this Xmas, your camera will love you for it.