You really have no idea how far the rabbit hole goes . Today I had a pretty good day, I got to play with some special gear

Yeah, I guess it was a good weekend, I got to buy some gear for myself (more of that later), and I got to play with some amazing equipment. I am very fortunate that I am in Japan and the people around me are complete camera hardcore. My wife’s uncle is an amateur photographer. When I hear this I was intrigued, but I didn’t realize how seriously he took it.

I went to his house and found that not only had he been published and won competitions, but he had a serious collection going on. And when I say serious, he puts most pros to shame.
*deep breath*

  1. Two Hasselblad 503CX bodies with 50mm, 80mm, 150mm, 300mm and 500mm lenses, backs etc
  2. A contax G2 black with all of the lenses, including the rare 21mm Biogon!
  3. A contax G1 silver with a complete set of lenses.
  4. A contax T2 silver.
  5. A contax T3 silver.
  6. Contax RTS and Aria bodies and a selection of lenses including 105mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm.
  7. A Linhoff Technica and 5 lenses!!!
  8. All the extra bits and bobs that would be part of this, including 6 Gitzo tripods, lightmeters, darkness time calculators and tons of film.

This guy was amazing. He completely lit up when he started to talk about photography and it was wonderful to see someone so passionate about it.
I think this is one of the reasons why I love it here, the people. When they get hold of something, they take it as far as they possibly can, which is usually fat beyond the people from the UK would take it.

And the best thing, he was completely open about his work and what he liked, there was no jaded views on what photography should be, it was just a case of  take pictures of what you like and what makes you happy. I love that way of thinking.

Hopefully he will take me out sometime, or at least let me use some of his gear….