Walking the streets of the big city there is a lot to see, sometimes too much. There is something therapeutic about walking the streets of Tokyo, especially since the earthquake last month. I have spent 7 years in this city, but I have never seen Tokyo look so lost, for the want of a better word.

It is still a vibrant city, but it seems like there is something missing, be it spirit or energy. Which is why I have decided to try and get pictures of the city and the people in it as they really are. Tokyo is an interesting city to walk around, and it is so big that it is easy to get lost. There are towns within towns and little areas that you may never see unless you go and explore.

I am lucky that I get to try out a lot of different cameras, so I shall be using this blog to try and show people the qualities of the different cameras and some of the interesting sights in the city.
You can catch more of my pictures on my flickr, I post pretty much everyday and there is a timeline to my shots. This blog will mainly feature images in a more personal form, showing the sights that I consider to be connected and meaningful to me.

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