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The Yardbirds play Japan at the Billboard Tokyo. The legendary Yardbirds came to Tokyo with their new lineup. The played in Osaka and Tokyo, and really blew the audience away with their energy and passion for music. They were also a smashing bunch of guys who really now how to have a good time.

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This was the first time in their history that they had been to Japan, so it was a very special event for some of the Japanese fans. Some of the people that I met in the crowd told me that they had been waiting for over 30 years to see this band play live.

I was lucky enough be in touch with guitarist, the delightful Mr. Ben King. He arranged tickets and the chance for me to take pictures of the band. Which will hopefully be showcased on their website soon.

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    Photography Tutorials April 28, 2011 at 3:08 am / Reply

    Can you advise me if I need to buy a exposure meter,I have seen many pro’s use them especially in studios and wondered if they are better than using my cameras built in one.

      bellamy April 28, 2011 at 7:03 am /

      Hi there, It really depends on what you are taking pictures of. Personally I don’t use one, although I shall be getting one soon as I now use meterless cameras. A good light meter is far more accurate than the one in your camera, although modern cameras have outstanding light meters. A basic light meter will not cost you a lot of money and would be a good learning experience.
      Good luck.

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