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In your bag No: 1189 – Joseph Seven

In your bag No: 1189, Joseph Seven Joseph doesn’t say much, but he does carry a lot. I do hope for his sake he didn’t bring that knife to Japan though, that is a definite no-no on the streets of Tokyo. Check out this whopper of a bag. Thought I throw my bag/contents into the […]

In your bag No: 1188 – Alessandro

In your bag No: 1188, Alessandro Another secretive bag today. Alessandro shares with us little detail about himself, but does share with us a superb bag, containing a true masterpiece of a camera. Oh how I wish Contax could still make cameras. Check this one out. Hi all, My name is Alessandro and I work […]

In your bag No: 1187 – Franck Capello

In your bag No: 1187, Franck Capello Frank doesn’t really say much, he kind of lets his bag do the talking. And what a bag. Just….wow. I cannot beleive he carries this lot around the streets of Paris. Total dedication. Francky Capello from Paris, urban street photographer, my actual street project use 4×5 large format […]

In your bag No: 1186 – Alex

In your bag No: 1186, Alex Recently it seems we have had a whole bunch of really cool user bags. So as not to break that streak Alex shares with us his Nikon-centric bag. The ‘Nikon Manual Focus Setup’. Check it out. Hi! My name is Alex, I’m a mechanical engineer based in Dallas, TX. […]

In your bag No: 1185 – kemal

In your bag No: 1185, kemal¬† A lovely straightforward setup from Berlin today. It is definitely cool to see a classic minolta being put through its paces. Check this one out. Hello Friends, my name is Kemal and I’m studying Business-Law in Berlin. Before that, I was a volunteer in Israel and thats where my […]