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In your bag #55 – Barry Harding

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 55, Barry Harding Hello again my dear bag-lovers. How are you all? A very happy new year to you all. This is the first bag posting of 2012, as I have been on a break. But we are going to get right back into things with this fantastic submission from Barry. […]

In your bag #50 – Gordon Shkurhan

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 50, Gordon Shkurhan Merry Christmas to one and all. I hope that santa has been and emptied his bulging sack for you all:)It has been a wonderful year for Japancamerahunter and the ‘in your bag’ series. On this Christmas day we have another wonderful bag for you all. This time it […]

In your bag #41 – Danilo Nuestro

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 41, Danilo Nuestro Today we have a very interesting bag for you, from Danilo who lives in Bangkok. I wish there were more details about the bag and his work, but minimalist is fine too. I shall leve it to Danilo to tell you about the bag: My name is Danilo […]

In your bag #36 – Eddy Tseng

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 36, Eddy Tseng from the USA 久しぶり folks (long time no see). How are you all? I have been really busy with the Leica/Eric Kim workshop. It has been fantastic. But now back to pressing matters, we have not had an in your bag for an age. So here is another, […]

In your bag #27 – Arato Ogura

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 27, Arato from Japan Greetings from Japan, another great bag shot for us. This time it is something special. This is a bag that belongs to a good friend of mine, who has impeccable taste in gear, Mr. Arato Ogura. This man is also partially responsible for my ridiculous gear addiction, […]

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