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In your bag No: 357 – Benjamin Aw

3 min read

In your bag 357, Benjamin Aw Now this is a whopper of a bag! The ‘frankenbag’, this one is holding just about the whole world. Well, at least Ben’s world. Come and see.

In your bag 348, Jeff McIntosh Todays bag come from a proper photojournalist. But it is not his work bag, oh no, this is his travel bag, which is far more interesting. Come and have a look what a photojournalist carries when he is having some time off.

In your bag No: 313 – Mark

3 min read

In your bag 313, Mark Mark is mysterious, only Mark. But his bag is not. It is awesome. This is a really nice bag shot and it has some lovely gear in it. check it out.

In your bag 310, Herr Ärmel Wait, what? Another knife? Yes indeed, another knife and another bag. This time coming to you from Germany. And a totally digital bag, just to mix things up for a bit. Come and have a look.