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Tokyo Walking Workshop with ThatNikonGuy

Tokyo Walking Workshop with ThatNikonGuy
ThatNikonGuy is coming to Tokyo, and he has asked me to join him in presenting a mini afternoon workshop on the streets of Tokyo. Come and read all about it.
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Bruce Gilden photography workshop in Tokyo

Bruce Gilden photography workshop in Tokyo
I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend Bruce Gilden’s Street Smart photography workshop hosted by Leica Japan over the weekend. It was a nerve wracking experience and filled with emotional highs and lows. If there is one thing I came away with it is how to swear in a Brooklyn accent, but seriously it was a very valuable experience.
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Experience the Magic of Film: Introduction to Film Street Photography in Kyoto (11/16-11/18) with Eric Kim, Bellamy Hunt, Sean Lotman, and Junku Nishimura

Do you have a film camera just lying around collecting dust? Have you been ever curious about experiencing the magic of film of creating life in your images by processing your own negatives? Do you wish to gain a new appreciation for the craft and experience of film?
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“Conquering Your Fear of Shooting on the Streets” Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Tokyo with Eric Kim (11/2-11/4)

“Conquering Your Fear of Shooting on the Streets” Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Tokyo with Eric Kim (11/2-11/4)
Have you ever walked on the streets and saw a moment that you wanted to capture, but you were too scared to take the photograph? Would you like to learn how to overcome your fear of shooting on the streets and destroy those moments of hesitation? Do you want to meet other street photographers who are equally as passionate as you? Then this is your chance.
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Tokyo Street Photo Workshop – Done

Well well well, The workshop has finished and it has been emotional
Yes, that is right, the workshop has finished and we had a blast. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for all of us, not just the students but the instructors too. We have made friends from all over the world and have seen each other develop our skills. I have learned a lot too…mainly on how not to organize things, but also a bit about myself as a person.

For the first day we met up in the afternoon and got to know our students a little bit. I was going to be taking the beginner group, so after a nice little meet and greet we hit the streets and found our way into the middle of Shibuya. In retrospect this was not the ideal choice for students who consider themselves to be beginners, as Shibuya is a frenetic place with not a great deal of space to move. For me Shibuya is a great spot to go shooting, but I have been there a lot and have had the time to find the things that I like about the place. I think in future workshops it may be better to ease the beginners into a location that is a bit less hectic. the main point for the first night was to get people out and have them shooting in an area that they were not familiar with, and my focus for the evening was to gauge exactly how confident the students were. We had an interesting night and I learned a little about the styles of my students, which was a lot of fun. After a couple of hours of shooting we filled our rumbling bellies and went our separate ways. I got a couple of interesting shots as I was trying out flash for the first time. It is a lot of fun, but not really my style of photography. I now have a great deal of respect for those that can do it well though.

For day two we had an group discussions about our experiences and the instructors introduced their photography. It was really good to hear a wide variety of thoughts about each others photography and to discuss a bit about ourselves.
After a quick spot of lunch my group and I headed out to Ginza and Yurakucho for an afternoon of shooting. We had a long walk and I got to know my students a little bit better. We had a lot of fun shooting through the backstreets in Yurakucho. The weather gods had decided to bless us with some fantastic light, which I instructed the students to take advantage of. We all walked down the main area in Ginza and I got them to try layering their shots and to take advantage of the long shadow casts. It was really nice to see them going out and giving something different a try. Everyone seemed to have a good time and towards dusk we headed back to the Gotanda centre to talk about our experiences and for more workshop tutorials.
In the evening we had organized a smashing dinner at the famous Gonpachi restaurant, the same one that the set of the Kill Bill fight sequence was based on. After a bit of a mixup with the booking we managed to get everyone fed and watered. A good amount of beer was consumed and I tried to get around to speak to as many people as possible. Apologies if I didn’t managed to speak to you all, I tried my best.

The final day and the weather was perfect, which was a huge shame as we has soooo much to do in the workshop that we didn’t actually have time to get out and shoot before we headed off to the Leica party. Eric hosted a workshop before we had an image critique of the students work. It was really amazing to see the work of the students and to see how much they had developed in only two days. A very humbling experience in my opinion. It gave me a lot of pride to see images that they had taken whilst out with me.
After the critique we rushed to to Leica Ginza to finish the rest of the critique and to have the ceremony for the competition.
Leica Japan very kindly offered some lovely prizes of a Magnum photobook, a Leica calendar and a Leica diary for the winner of the best shot of the weekend. There were also several other lovely prizes for runners up and different categories. Champagne flowed and people laughed, it was a lovely ending to a fantastic weekend.

This was a great workshop and a fantastic experience. I was able to show something and teach something to a really enthusiastic bunch of people and I feel like I have made a lot of new friends. It also got me to get out of the photographic rut that I was in. The energy of the students and the way that they saw things really made me think a lot about the way I shoot and how I can develop myself as a photographer. I am really looking forward to teaching another one of these and I hope you are all looking forward to coming to another one.
I am hoping to come and teach in Los Angeles sometime in the new year, I hope you can come and work with me and I look forward to seeing you.


Eric Kim’s Street Workshop – Tokyo

Ever wanted to come to Tokyo? Ever wanted to shoot street photography here? Well this is your chance….the legendary Eric Kim is coming to Tokyo to run a street photography workshop with yours truly, Alfie Goodrich of Japanorama and guest speaker Charlie Kirk.

Yes, that is right, we are going to be running a street photography workshop on the dazzling streets of Tokyo in December. Feel the hustle bustle of one of the busiest cities on earth, see the bright lights and feel the energy of a city that never sleeps. Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities on earth, and now you have the chance to come here and improve you street photography at the same time.
This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn more about how to build more courage when shooting on the streets, as well as what makes a great street photograph. With tons of hands-on guidance we will learn how to get close to our subjects and be given certain assignments when shooting on the streets.

The workshop will run from Friday December 2nd until Sunday Dec 4th, with a complete set of workshops for all levels, critiques, street walks, group activities and a special event on the final evening hosted by Leica Japan. This is surely not to be missed, a real once in a lifetime opportunity.

For more information about the workshop including accommodation assistance and details of the schedule please drop us a line. You can contact Eric directly through his contact form or through mine

You can also pre-register with us by using this contact form.

The course will be charged at $600 ($495 early-bird special before November 15th). Payment can be paid with a credit card, debit card, or Paypal. Here is a link to the paypal payment page in case you want to book a place now.
The cost of the workshop will include the instruction fee, location rental, as well as meals (breakfast and lunch). We also are so confident you will enjoy the workshop that we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee.
This course is strictly limited to 20 people, so first come first served. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Look forward to seeing you all there.