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“Conquering Your Fear of Shooting on the Streets” Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Tokyo with Eric Kim (11/2-11/4)

“Conquering Your Fear of Shooting on the Streets” Introduction to Street Photography Workshop in Tokyo with Eric Kim (11/2-11/4)
Have you ever walked on the streets and saw a moment that you wanted to capture, but you were too scared to take the photograph? Would you like to learn how to overcome your fear of shooting on the streets and destroy those moments of hesitation? Do you want to meet other street photographers who are equally as passionate as you? Then this is your chance.
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Interview with a collector – Arato Ogura

Interview with a collector, Arato Ogura
Today I have an interview for you that I have wanted to have on the site for a very long time. Arato Ogura has not only got a stunning collection, but a wealth of knowledge. Lets have a look see.
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Featured photographer – Ontoshiki

Featured photographer, Ontoshiki
Todays featured photographer is someone who I have been hoping to feature for a long time. Ontoshiki is photographer from Australia who lived in Japan for a while but has now moved on. Let’s hear his thoughts.
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In your bag #221 – Mario Acevedo

In your bag number 221, Mario Acevedo
Todays bag comes from Tokyo, although the owner is from the USA. This bag is totally loaded with gear, although I suspect this is a collection more than a bag shot…
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In your bag #200 – Royze

In your bag number 200, Royze
Well, we have reached number 200. A little milestone right there. So, in light of this my friend Royze has very kindly agreed to answer some questions and talk about his gear in a bit more detail. Check it out.
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In your bag #187 – Gabriele Lei

In your bag number 187, Gabriele Lei
OK, todays bag is a bit special, because it is not only about a bag, but also a book. Gabriele has released a book to aid the people affected by the recent earthquake in Italy. Read on and find out a bit more.
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In your bag #155 – Sean Bonner

In your bag number 155, Sean Bonner
Todays bag is a bit special as it is coming to you from Fukushima in Japan, a place that you may have become familiar with over the course of the last year. So, let’s see what Sean has in his bag…
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In MY bag…

What does JCH carry in his bag?
Well, I post a lot of other peoples bags, but not often do you get the chance to have a look inside my bag. So, this is your chance to see what JCH has been carrying lately.
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in ShootTokyo's Bagsml

In your bag #120 – David Powell – aka ShootTokyo

In your bag number 120, David Powell – aka ShootTokyo
Today we are very lucky to have the chance to glimpse inside Mr. ShootTokyo’s bag. I have been pushing him for months to get this bag and he finally succumbed. Come and see what the nice guy of photography keeps in his bag…
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Happy Birthday JapanCameraHunter

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me….
It is one year to the day since the inception of JapanCamerahunter, and in that time it has changed a lot. So, in celebration of one year, here is a little post with some of my favourite bits…
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