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In your bag #257 – Conrado Orcajo

6 min read

In your bag 257, Conrado Orcajo Todays bag is super cool, and picture intensive. We have a real treat for you today. All the way from Bahrain too. Yesterday Qatar, today Bahrain. Come and have a look.

In my bag….my buying bag

2 min read

In my bag…my buying bag I have been asked by several people what I carry around when I am out on the hunt, so I thought I would show you what I was using today. Come and have a peek inside my super buyers bag…

In your bag number 230, Conny Johansson I have a very cool looking bag for you today all the way from Sweden. The bag is a happy mish mash of Lomo film and digital and works very well. So lets see what’s in Conny’s bag…

In your bag number 191, Scott Wyden Kivowitz Todays bag is a bit more formal than yesterdays, but it is still a very minimal bag. Simple and clean it is a working bag. Come and see what Scott keeps in his bag…

In your bag number 188, Antoine Brossault Another bag for you today. Now this time I wouldn’t normally feature an out of focus picture, but this bag is kind of special. It comes to us all the way from Chile and it has a pair of shoes inside!