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In your bag 298, Ried Cawston Ried has been very kind and numbered all of the items in his bag for your convenience. Come and have a look what he carries around to shoot with.

In your bag 284, Dale Rothenberg Pure and simple description today. Dale keeps a very neat and tidy bag, very utilitarian. Everything that you need to go and shoot. Come and have a look.

In your bag No: 278 – Joerg Langer

2 min read

In your bag 278, Joerg Langer Oh wow, what a stunner of a bag shot I have for you today. This bag is from Germany and it is absolutely gorgeous. This is the sort of bag that I would happily carry around. Come and have a look.

In your bag No: 270 – Joe Aguirre

4 min read

In your bag 270, Joe Aguirre Today we have a bag that I have been meaning to feature for a while. Joe is a top guy with a passion for cameras and cats. I am really glad to be able to feature this bag. Check it out!

In your bag #263 – Dilraj Singh

3 min read

In your bag 263, Dilraj Singh I have a repeat bag for you today, well kind of. Dilraj was featured as number #136 and now he is back with a new setup. And it is a pretty cool one. Come and have a look.