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In your bag No: 348 – Jeff McIntosh

In your bag 348, Jeff McIntosh Todays bag come from a proper photojournalist. But it is not his work bag, oh no, this is his travel bag, which is far more interesting. Come and have a look what a photojournalist carries when he is having some time off.

In your bag No: 324 – Ian and Leena Bethune

In your bag 324, Ian and Leena Bethune Todays bag is epic, massive and…a brother and sister combo bag. Yes, that is right a shared bag. This is not the first one, but it is certainly the biggest one. Come and have a look at this fantastic bag.

In your bag No: 321 – Kent Nishimura

In your bag 321, Kent Nishimura It is not all that often that we get to see inside a working professionals camera bag, but today we are fortunate that Kent is sharing his work bag with us. You can see how different and functional it is compared to most peoples day bags. Check it out.

In your bag No: 312 – Paul Coates

In your bag 312, Paul Coates We have a bag from Japan today! I would love to see more of these. Paul is doing the job that I used to do, many moons ago. Come and have a look at this fantastic mix-up bag.