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In your bag 506, James Murphy today we have a delightful setup for you, coming to you from China. But don’t let that name fool you, James is not Chinese, but a Brit abroad. And he has some lovely gear for us to see.

In your bag 505, Nelson Tan Nelson’s bag is amazing, the kind of bag that I would happily carry around myself. I must admit I have not used an SWC and I would love to carry one around for a few days. Check out this great bag.

In your bag 502, Kyle Ablett Kyle is only 17, but he has got a great bag and a great attitude towards the way he uses it. Come and have a look at the young urban explorers bag.

In your bag 501- Robert Kittel Robert is back, again. He has been on here a couple of times before(here and here), but each time his bag has been different. Now he has another bag for us, and it is lovely.

In your bag: The Top 10

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In your bag: The Top 10 Seeing as we have just had the five hundredth bag shot, I thought it might be nice to list the top ten most popular bag shots that have been on the site. And you might be surprised as to the results. I have decided to list them from 10 […]

In your bag 500 – Doublewhirler Well, we made it. Number 500! I didn’t really think it would go this far when I started with the first bag shot, as a bit of fun to fill the time. Now I have a load of bag shots backlogged and we have seen some amazing bags on […]

In your bag 497, Rikard Landberg Rikard is here to show us how simple it can be. No bag in sight, so I am guessing that it a case of stuffing it in his pockets and shooting. Check it out.

In your bag 496, Thomas Whittle Thomas has been on here before, showing us a great bag almost exactly a year ago. And now he is back with another great bag. Thomas also produces a really cool zine with a group of photographers, you should definitely check it out.