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In your bag No: 514, Joval Villareal Simple and pure, this setup is awesome. And check out that badass t-shirt, very cool. I love these bags from the Philippines, they are always really raw.

In your bag No: 512, Cody Priebe Cody shares with us his Leica heavy bag today. This one is beautifully organized and Cody has a really positive attitude to shooting. Check it out.

In your bag 510, Tobias Grice A lovely simple black and white bag shot for you on Mothering Sunday. Check it out, and then go and take some pics of your mum and give her a hug (if you are able). Have a great day.

In your bag 509, Ben Vine This bag is awesome! Classic gear, classic film and a real gung-ho attitude make this a fantastic bag. I love the layout too. Definitely one of my favourites. Check it out.

In your bag 507, Isaiah Freeman Isaiah Freeman is Jesse Freeman’s cousin and has submitted a brilliant bag for us. Simple and pure, this is a really interesting little setup. Come and have a look.

In your bag 506, James Murphy today we have a delightful setup for you, coming to you from China. But don’t let that name fool you, James is not Chinese, but a Brit abroad. And he has some lovely gear for us to see.

In your bag 505, Nelson Tan Nelson’s bag is amazing, the kind of bag that I would happily carry around myself. I must admit I have not used an SWC and I would love to carry one around for a few days. Check out this great bag.

In your bag 502, Kyle Ablett Kyle is only 17, but he has got a great bag and a great attitude towards the way he uses it. Come and have a look at the young urban explorers bag.