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In your bag No: 551, Lester Jones Lester shares with us not only his bag, but the story behind his love for photography. Come and have a read about his journey and his gear.

In your bag No: 550, Sam Sanchez Sam is a returnee. And what a comeback. The last time we saw his bag it was a mixup of film and digital. But it seems that he has been bitten by the film bug hard, and now he has a super sweet film bag for us all. […]

In your bag No: 549, Simon Pudas Simon like to keep things simple. In true Scandinavian style this bag is simple and straight to the point. Definitely a designers bag. Check it out.

In your bag No: 547, Colum LaVelle Colum shares his bag which still contains his first camera. That is pretty cool, and it is a very cool story as to why he has it. Come and check out this monster bag.

In your bag No: 537, Damian Deßler I am not sure what it is about this bag, but I like it. Perhaps it is the old and new working together? Or maybe the lovely Nikon compact. Whatever it is, I like it.

In your bag No: 531, Tan Jyh Hern What is so special about this bag you might ask? Well, Tan is only 14 years old, but look at that kit. I would have broken my brothers arm to get a Nikon F2 when I was 14, but they were still ludicrously expensive. I remember looking […]

In your bag No: 527、Cédric Riveau Wow, now this is a colourful bag. Bright and full of fun gear, this one is coming to you straight from Tokyo. Come and have a look inside this fancy bag.

In your bag No: 526、Jasen Reyes Who says I never feature digital bags? Here you go, a fully digital bag for you all. And a really fancy one it is too. Check it out.

In your bag No: 522, Kevin J Briggs Kevin shares his with us his great studio style bag. This bag has it all, including one of my favourites, the X-pan. Seriously, I love this camera, especially with slide film. What a beauty.