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Get Featured: James Moreton

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Get Featured: James Moreton

Get Featured: James Moreton A lovely feature today. James shared the first part of this series a couple of years back, and now he comes back to us with the next chapter of his work. Check it out. The Work You featured the first chapter in this series back in 2015: http://www.japancamerahunter.com/2015/01/get-featured-james-moreton/ This is the second chapter […]

In your bag No: 1499 – Steven Bleistein

In your bag No: 1499 – Steven Bleistein We are getting close to a failry monumental number. But that doesn’t mean this bag is any kind of let down, it is a superb setup. Very simple and zen. I am a street photographer who lives in Japan. I started shooting nearly two years ago as […]

Get Featured: James Cunningham

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Get Featured: James Cunningham

Get Featured: James Cunningham James shares with us a project that he has shot on JCH StreetPan. It is really nice to see how people use the film and it being shot all over the world. Check it out. All of these were taken on my walks to/from work over the past month in Halifax, […]

In your bag No: 1496 – Emil Raji

In your bag No: 1496 – Emil Raji Emil is back with another bag. This time a bit more simple. All black everything. Check it out. What’s In My Bag It’s been a year since my last bag, a lot of cameras and countless rolls since I’ve come to this setup. Shot some digital too […]

In your bag No: 1495 – Martin Fagerås

In your bag No: 1495 – Martin Fagerås Martin has a beautifully simple setup for us. Not a spot of fluff in sight, all purpose. Check it out. I’m Martin, I live in Oslo and work as a user experience and visual designer in a advertising agency. In my spare time i shoot, i shoot […]

Jesse’s Book Review – Otherland by Simon Becker

Jesse’s Book Review – Otherland by Simon Becker It is always nice to see your friends putting out great work, so when my friends Simon Becker sent me a copy of his book I knew I had to get Jesse to review it. Check it out. Was at the Japan Camera Hunter office the other […]

In your bag No: 1487 – Devon Salyer

In your bag No: 1487 – Devon Salyer Devon packs a whole load of gear into his bag, so much in fact that he might want to chuck that awesome Star Wars pillow in the bag too as he will need a lie down after lugging this lot. My name is Devon and I’m an event […]

Get Featured: Steven Lopez

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Get Featured: Steven Lopez

Get Featured: Steven Lopez Steven sent me this project absolutely ages ago, and I have finally managed to get it up. And as you can see, it was worth the wait. Check it out. Hi JCH, I love reading the “what’s in your bag” section of your website, looking for inspiration through the owners’ social […]

In your bag No: 1481 – Thomas Perry

In your bag No: 1481, Thomas Perry We have a lovely bag for you today. Tom has a couple of stunning cameras, and a very cool Olympus bag. Check out Tom’s awesome bag. My name is Tom Perry, and I’m a semi-pro photographer from Beckenham. I’ve done all kinds of photography related jobs. Studio assistant, […]

In your bag No: 1480 – Grégoire HURET

In your bag No: 1480, Grégoire HURET Grégoire is back to share his bag. As you can see he also has a bit of a thing for hot sauce, which is perfectly fine in my book. Check out this awesome kit. Hi Bellamy, this my second bag I send to you. The first one is […]