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Camera Repainting and Modification A while ago I made a post about the great Kanto camera, and some of the services they offer. Well, I liked their service so much and I was so impressed with what they had on offer I decided to get something done for myself. A little reward for all of […]

In your bag 483, Raul Palma A little bit late, but we got there. Raul brings us a very nice couple of bags. And Some pics too. Some of them as NSFW, you have been warned.

In your bag 477, Gianfranco Catullo Todays bag is not only visually stunning, it has a purpose too and gets used in a professional setting. Gianfranco must be one of the few photographers who still shoots weddings with film, good on him. Check out this lovely bag.

In your bag 472, Paul Schofield Todays bag contains my favourite SLR of all time. Paul has been kind enough to send in a really lovely purist bag and a brilliant description of his process. Come and see.

In your bag 467, Anthony Frattaroli Anthony runs a camera store, he also has a love of MS-Optical lenses. Just like me then. Today we get the chance to see inside the bag of someone who can have any camera they choose. And what did Anthony choose? Check it out.

In your bag 465, Rusty Fox Rusty not only has a cool bag, but a very cool name too. And he shoots a camera that I rarely see anyone using. Come and have a look at this cracking bag.

Camera artistry by David Lo

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Camera artistry by David Lo David recently got in touch with me about some drawings that he has been working on, and I am really glad that he did. Because now I get to share with you this unique and beautiful work. Incredible drawings of fantasy cameras and camera hacking.

In your bag 437, Matt Erasmus Matt has a great bag for us today. Coming to you all the way from Norway, this bag has some interesting bits, but you will have to guess what some of them are. Check it out.

Leica M3 Olive Bundeseigentum Every now and again I get the honour of being able to find very very special items for my clients, and this really was one of them. The absolutely stunning Original Olive M3 Bundeseigentum.

In your bag 378, Abram Goglanian The last bag of the year, so I thought it should be something special…and then I realized, all of the bags are special. Every one of them is special. So here you go, a fantastic bag to ring out 2012.