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In your bag 467, Anthony Frattaroli Anthony runs a camera store, he also has a love of MS-Optical lenses. Just like me then. Today we get the chance to see inside the bag of someone who can have any camera they choose. And what did Anthony choose? Check it out.

In your bag 465, Rusty Fox Rusty not only has a cool bag, but a very cool name too. And he shoots a camera that I rarely see anyone using. Come and have a look at this cracking bag.

Camera artistry by David Lo

4 min read

Camera artistry by David Lo David recently got in touch with me about some drawings that he has been working on, and I am really glad that he did. Because now I get to share with you this unique and beautiful work. Incredible drawings of fantasy cameras and camera hacking.

In your bag 437, Matt Erasmus Matt has a great bag for us today. Coming to you all the way from Norway, this bag has some interesting bits, but you will have to guess what some of them are. Check it out.

The Leica M3 Olive Bundeseigentum

3 min read

Leica M3 Olive Bundeseigentum Every now and again I get the honour of being able to find very very special items for my clients, and this really was one of them. The absolutely stunning Original Olive M3 Bundeseigentum.

In your bag 378, Abram Goglanian The last bag of the year, so I thought it should be something special…and then I realized, all of the bags are special. Every one of them is special. So here you go, a fantastic bag to ring out 2012.

The Leica Elcan 66mm

3 min read

The Leica Elcan 66mm Rare lenses come and go, and I have been through a few of them. But sometimes something really rare comes along. This is one of those lenses. The legendary Leica Elcan 66mm.

In your bag 367, Angela Solis Angela has been on JCH before, and now she is back. I am always happy to see how a bag and a style has changed and this is no exception. Come and have a look at the bag with the Hello Kitty.

In your bag 366, Matt Granger AKA ThatNikonGuy And normal service is resumed. For those of you that thought we would stop at 365, that is not going to happen. Matt Granger AKA ThatNikonGuy has been kind enough to share his bag with us today. Lets have a look what’s inside…hint, it isn’t Canon.

In your bag No: 360 – Martin Lux

4 min read

In your bag 360, Martin Lux Todays bag is pretty tasty. Two bags in fact, and in monochrome no less. Very arty. Come and have a look at what Martin is using in his bags.