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In your bag #222 – Hannah & Joel

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 222, Hannah & Joel A first for JCH today. We have a dual bag for you! That is right, this bag is not one persons alone, it is a bag belonging to a photographic partnership from Belgium and Paris. How European and cool is that? Check it out.

In your bag #167 – Sean Keenan

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 167, Sean Keenan Now I don’t usually post bags that have little information about the owner, I want people to know about the person behind the bag. But this one was just too good to pass up. Have a look at that bag…It has everything!

In your bag #159 – Dr. Alfred Weidinger

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag number 159, Dr. Alfred Weidinger The doctor is in the house! Dr. Weidinger has been kind enough to share his bag and the details of his fantastic photo project with us. There is also a very special camera in this bag. So lets see what the Doctor has in his bag…

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