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Inspired Eye Vol: 20

2 min read

Inspired Eye Digital Magazine Vol: 20 A new issue of Inspired Eye has arrived and this one is a corker. Lo-fi street photography, travel and everything in between. And still a bargain at less than the price of a venti double shot soy skinny macha latte.

Inspired Eye Vol: 10

1 min read

Inspired Eye Digital Magazine Vol: 10 Issue X of Inspired Eye magazine is here, and it is jam packed full of interviews and features to get your photographic juices flowing. Check it out.

Featured photographer, Peter Dench I have been following the work of photographer Peter Dench for a while now. Peter is the man behind England Uncensored, a great photographic essay about the people of the UK. Fortunately for JCH Peter was able to give us a little interview, hope you like it.

A photographic journey Pt.3

4 min read

Part 3 of Jean-Baptiste Meriem’s photographic journey In part 3 of this ongoing series, Jean-Baptiste talks to us about his experiences in developing his photographic technique and the lessons he has learned along the way. A very enjoyable read, I hope you think so too.

How to get out of a photography rut From time to time many of us will find ourselves in a rut, either in photography term or otherwise. Now, I am not a counsellor, so I am really able to help you with your other problems, but I can help you with your photography ones….maybe…