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Photo project: Right Time Right Place by Robert Rutoed

Photo project: Right Time Right Place by Robert Rutoed
Robert Rutoed contacted me recently to share some of his work with me, and I was very impressed with the subtle humour and composition of his images. I asked Robert a few questions about his work and he was kind enough to share it with us.
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Down, Guadalajara , Jalisco, 2010

Featured Photographer – Emilio Banuelos

Featured photographer, Emilio Banuelos
I was recently luckily enough to be introduced to Emilio Banuelos and his stunning photography. Emilio works as an editorial photographer and a teacher of photography, and we are lucky enough to have him on the site. His street work covers important social issues and shows us a side of the street that many shy away from. I hope you enjoy this work as much as I do.
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Featured photographer – Oscar Hernandez

Featured photographer, Oscar Hernandez
Oscar’s photography really caught my eye on flickr recently. Oscar uses a very interesting flash technique and has a very determined style, which is why I wanted to feature him on the site.
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Featured photographer – Jonathan Taylor

Featured photographer, Jonathan Taylor
I am extremely honoured to be able to share with you the work of a professional documentary photographer whose hard hitting work I have admired for a long time. Jonathan Taylor has very kindly agreed to share his work and his thoughts with the good readers of JCH. Enjoy.
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Featured photographer – Jim Mortram

Featured photographer, Jim Mortram
I have the special honour of being able to feature the work of a photographer whom I admire greatly, Mr. Jim Mortram. Jim’s work is very personal and deeply moving. It has taken a while to get this interview as Jim does not have a lot of time, but I am very glad we managed to do it. I hope you enjoy it.
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Featured photographer – Ontoshiki

Featured photographer, Ontoshiki
Todays featured photographer is someone who I have been hoping to feature for a long time. Ontoshiki is photographer from Australia who lived in Japan for a while but has now moved on. Let’s hear his thoughts.
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Leica IIIfsml

Interview with a collector/photographer – Jason Howe

Interview with a collector/photographer, Jason Howe
JCH has an interesting little interview for you today. Not only is Jason a photographer, but a collector too. I noticed that he has quite a remarkable Olympus in his collection, so I thought it would be great to hear a little bit more about it. Check it out.
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Jonathnan van Smit 22sml

Featured Photographer – Jonathan Van Smit

Featured photographer, Jonathan Van Smit
A while ago I was browsing street photography on Flickr and I found some photographs that really moved me in a way that I had not been for a while. The darkness, loneliness and sense of disconnection was something that I had been trying to convey in my work, and this photographer had hit the nail on the head. I am now very happy to be able to feature the work of Jonathan Van Smit. Please note some of these pictures are not safe for work.
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Featured Photographer – Jonathanvdk

Featured photographer, Jonathanvdk
I have been following the work of Jonathan for a long time now, I cannot remember when I discovered his stuff on flickr, but I was immediately drawn to his up close and candid street photography. Let’s see if we can learn a little bit more about Jonathan and his work.
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Featured Photographer – Newghost

Featured photographer, Newghost
Newghost is a photographer who’s work I got to know through Twocutedogs. I checked him out and he has been a permanent feature on my flickr stream ever since. Well, not I have got an interview with the man which I am very happy to share with you.
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