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Personal Projects – By Colin Corneau

Posted on by Bellamy

Personal Projects In our latest guest contribution, Colin Corneau talks to us about personal projects and how to give yourself a boost when you are in a slump.

The aesthetics of non aesthetics – Jerome Arfouche

Posted on by Bellamy

Another strong piece by Jerome Arfouche In a continuation of his submissions for this site, Jerome Arfouche talks to us all about the the aesthetics of non-aesthetics. Please comment and share your thoughts.

New year? Time for a project

Posted on by Bellamy

Isn’t it about time you started something? So, welcome to 2012, and what a year it is going to be. Announcements from all of the makers about new products and all that jazz, but for me the most important thing at the end of the day is using that equipment. Sometimes you need to have […]

5 tips to get out of a photography rut

Posted on by Bellamy

Don’t be a boring photographer, make yourself interesting We often find ourselves stuck in a bit of a loop, no matter what it may be in, and photography is no different. God only knows how many times I have found myself taking pictures of the same things (and how much bloody film I have wasted). […]

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