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The Nikon F2 Data

Posted on by Bellamy

Amongst the rarest of Nikons, the ultra special Nikon F2 Data As Nikon cameras go, this is one of them that you are not going to see very often. Very few of these cameras were produced and as usual with something of this age, it is more than likely that very few survive.

The first day of the show

Posted on by Bellamy

Remember this? I posted it last month Well, today was the first day. Now, I wasn’t as eager to get to this one as the last, mainly because this one is a little bit different from the others, this show is smaller and for the out of town suppliers, so the selection is not as […]

The legendary Nikon F

Posted on by Bellamy

The camera that set the trend for SLR cameras: ┬áIf you are even slightly serious about film cameras then you should have one of these… This is the camera that started it all, the first professional SLR on the market which came out in 1959. Although there had been other SLR cameras, none had the […]

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