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In your bag No: 426 – Luca Gagno

In your bag 426, Luca Gagno
Luca brings us a classic bag all the way from China. Come and see what a foreigner in a foreign land shoots with.
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In your bag No: 424 – Olivier Sylvestre

In your bag 424, Olivier Sylvestre
We have a returnee today. Olivier has featured his bag on here before, but now he is bag with a new setup for us to drool over. Come and have a look.
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Douglas McCarthy

In your bag No: 423 – Douglas McCarthy

In your bag 423, Douglas McCarthy
Douglas McCarthy shares his simple and purely digital bag with us today. Which contains a legal document as it seems that the UK is no longer a photographer friendly place.
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In your bag No: 422 – Cengiz Yar Jr

In your bag 422, Cengiz Yar Jr
Today we have the real deal, a working war photographers bag. Cengiz Yar Jr has recently spent time in Syria, documenting the freedom fighters and the civil war, and this is the bag that he took with him. Come and have a look into a bag we rarely get to see.
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In your bag No: 421 – Damien Vignol

In your bag 421, Damien Vignol
Damien brings us one of the best looking bag shots I have seen for a while and one for the photographers with a sweet tooth. Check it out.
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In your bag No: 420 – Dale Murray

In your bag 420, Dale Murray
Dale brings us an interesting bag from the UK. Dale may be young, but he already has the film bug and he knows what he wants to shoot with. Check it out.
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