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In your bag 445, Tim Topple Tim brings us a lovely bag from London. And it has some Kodachrome in it, good lord, you don’t see that very often. Come and have a look.

In your bag 444, Sean Lotman and Ariko Inaoka I am really happy to be able to share the dual bags of my good friends Sean Lotman and Ariko Inaoka. This (soon to be) married couple share their photography, travels and lives, so I thought it would be great for them to show their bags […]

In your bag 442, Brendan Gara A photographers bag from the UK today. Brendan has been kind enough to share his rangefinder heavy bag with us. Come and have a good look.

In your bag 440, Buck Pago Todays bag is simple and pure, as it is a bag that is totally focussed on getting the shots that Buck wants from the street. This is a fantastic bag because of purity of vision. There is also a great picture of Buck at work. I wouldn’t normally feature […]

In your bag 432, Santiago del Aguila A lovely clean and simple setup for you all today. The basics are all that are required for some people and Santiago really does have the basics. Oh, and a gorgeous Contax camera.

In your bag 431, Brian Weisbord Brian has a lovely setup for us to drool over, although he doen’t seem to have a bag for some reason. He does have couple of different setups for us to check out though. Come and have a look.