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In your bag 477, Gianfranco Catullo Todays bag is not only visually stunning, it has a purpose too and gets used in a professional setting. Gianfranco must be one of the few photographers who still shoots weddings with film, good on him. Check out this lovely bag.

In your bag 476, Valentin Clavairolles Woah, today we have a bag shot with feet in it. I do hope Valentin puts some shoes on before he goes out with that lot. Regardless of that, he has a cracking bag. He must alos have a great deal of upper body strength. Check it out.

In your bag 475, Joaquín Sierra Joaquín has something in his bag that is very special, a camera that has seen a great many things, and we have seen many of them. Come and see what I am talking about.

In your bag 463, Mijonju Mijonju is back! You might remember that he was one of the first bags on the site and one of the most popular too. Well, he has another bag for us. This time though his write up has been put together by Mijonju’s friend Eddie (Mijonju is a busy man). Come […]

In your bag 459, Sam Fung Sam shares his bag with us today, and it is used for a hybrid style of photography. So there are a few different cameras inside. Come and see this delightful bag.

In your bag 448, Ajum Vahanvati Ajum is a designer. You can always tell the designers on ‘In your bag’ as they have lots of very highly polished and well presented bag pics, and Ajum is no exception. Check out this brilliant bag.

In your bag 445, Tim Topple Tim brings us a lovely bag from London. And it has some Kodachrome in it, good lord, you don’t see that very often. Come and have a look.

In your bag 444, Sean Lotman and Ariko Inaoka I am really happy to be able to share the dual bags of my good friends Sean Lotman and Ariko Inaoka. This (soon to be) married couple share their photography, travels and lives, so I thought it would be great for them to show their bags […]