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In your bag No: 677, Marc Fairhurst After the massive bags from Thorsten, it is about time for something a bit more manageable. And this setup from Marc could not be more simple. Check it out.

In your bag No: 657, Ben Grill Ben brings us his superb film shooters bag today. This is definitely my kind of bag. I have not seen a Nikon EM for ages but it fits in this setup perfectly. Check it out.

In your bag No: 653 – Hardy

2 min read

In your bag No: 653, Hardy I love todays bag shot, although there isn’t really a bag in it. But it does have the awesome horizon camera in it. Wow, look at that thing. Check it out.

In your bag No: 641, Chris Trigaux Today we have a total film purist bag for your enjoyment. Chris has an interesting mix up of gear. I like this one as it is not overly heavy with too many items. Check it out.

In your bag No: 640 – Nick Vespe

3 min read

In your bag No: 640, Nick Vespe Nick is a young man with a lot of determination to do what he wants to do. Come and check out this young photographers bag.

Dodge and Burn Free Shipping!

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New Dodge and Burn T-shirts As you know, I love Dodge & Burn T-shirts. They look cool, they feel good and I can show my camera love. I get a lot of compliments from non-camera people about them too. Win. Well, now there is a double win, as for a limited time Dodge & Burn […]

In your bag No: 636, Tomas Juvaras Tomas is a returnee to In Your Bag having been featured just over 300 bags ago. There has been a bit of a change since his last bag too. Come and check it out.

In your bag No: 634 – Jeffrey Wu

3 min read

In your bag No: 634, Jeffrey Wu A cool bag and some cool glasses. Jeff brings us his bag from NYC. A mix of classic and modern Leica gear, this is very much a big city street shooters bag. Come and check it out.

In your bag No: 621, Alistair Noble A delightful monochrome bag for you all today. Alistair shares with us a simple and to the point digital Leica bag and a clutch of MS Optical lenses too. check it out.