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JapanCameraHunter Rumors: 120 film cases *Sneak Preview*

JapanCameraHunter Rumors:  120 film cases *Sneak Preview*
After snooping around JCH towers and finding the scribblings of a man obsessed we have finally managed to gain access to some shots of the rumored 120 film cases that are expected to be available soon.

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By popular request – In JapanCameraHunter’s bag

In JapanCameraHunter’s bag
There have been several requests recently for me to show what I carry in my bag. As you all know a lot of cameras come my way, so my bag changes a lot. Here is what I am currently carrying in my bag…
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Film cases news *Updated*

Film Cases news
I thought it might be good to give you all an update on the details of the films cases and how things are progressing.
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Japan Camera Hunter Film cases *News*

Japan Camera Hunter Film Cases
Some updates and news on the JCH film cases.
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