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In your bag No: 302 – Joe Logan

2 min read

In your bag 302, Joe Logan Todays bag comes from a convert to film photography, and he has some lovely bits in his bag. Come and have a look at what Joe uses to shoot with.

In your bag 300, Jason Howe Well, today is number 300, a bit of a milestone really. So I thought it might be a good time to put up a really special selection of bags. Jason has been on the site before, and now he is back with some more amazing pictures for us.

In your bag 298, Ried Cawston Ried has been very kind and numbered all of the items in his bag for your convenience. Come and have a look what he carries around to shoot with.

In your bag 291, Colin Corneau Colin has been on the site before, featured as bag number 71. And he is back, this time with his Nepal bag. With a cool set of gear and a great purpose. Come and check out this great bag.

In your bag 288, Chris Craddock A monster of a camera today. Chris carries around the super beast that is the Pentax 67, so he doesn’t need anything else in his bag, probably for fear of getting a hernia. Check it out.