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In your bag No: 313 – Mark

3 min read

In your bag 313, Mark Mark is mysterious, only Mark. But his bag is not. It is awesome. This is a really nice bag shot and it has some lovely gear in it. check it out.

In your bag 306, Shawn Tamaribuchi Shawn is a regular visitor to the site and an ex-pro fighter, so I had better be nice…Shawn’s bag is not just filled with cameras, but her training gear too. Check it out.

In your bag 305, Robert Kittel We have a double bag for you all today. Robert hails from Austria and has two very different bags for us all to see, and they are both fantastic. Come and have a look.

In your bag No: 304 Alva Christo

3 min read

In your bag 304, Alva Christo Today we have a bag from one of the younger followers of JCH. Alva may be young, but he has a great bag with an iconic camera inside. Come and have a look at this great bag.

In your bag 303, Marco Castelvecchio Marco brings us a bag which spans Europe today. With a nice mixture of digital and film, this is a bag that travels well and has everything that Marco needs. Come and have a look.