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In your bag No: 1325 – Jesse Roberts

In your bag No: 1325, Jesse Roberts Jesse has been on the site before, not only with a bag but with a project too. And now he is bag with the latest iteration of his bag. Stuffed to the gills again,¬†this bag shot has a little bit of everything. Check it out. Hello from Perth, […]

In your bag No: 1315 – Volker Muth

In your bag No: 1315, Volker Muth Today we have a really cool bag. Well, not so much a bag as a totally custom flight case, packed to the gills with a very fine camera. This one is a true beast. Check it out. My “bag” is a made to measure aluminum case. It has […]

In your bag No: 1281 – Nathan Turner

In your bag No: 1281, Nathan Turner A very cool bikers bag today. Not just cool because of the cameras either, but the awesome goggles and gloves. This one is fantastic. Check it out. Hi there everyone Thanks for including me in ‘In Your Bag’. I am based in Perth, Western Australia and I love […]

In your bag No: 1277 – Sergej Radovic

In your bag No: 1277, Sergej Radovic Cool beans. Today we have a very classy bag from Serbia. A bit of modern camera tech, next to an old Soviet camera. This is what we like to see, the perfect Friday bag. My name is Sergej and I come from Belgrade, Serbia. I am a filmmaker, […]

In your bag No: 647 – Jonathan Foo

2 min read

In your bag No: 647, Jonathan Foo Jonathan is only 15 but already a shooter, and this is his bag. It is great to see people who are so young and already so passionate about photography. Come and check this one out.

In your bag No: 645, Sean Breadsell A lovely bag for you today. the sort of bag that I would carry around. Sean is a street photographer and his bag really reflects that. Come and check it out.

In your bag No: 627 – Ricky Lai

2 min read

In your bag No: 627, Ricky Lai Today we have a bag from Singapore. A nice simple one too. This is the sort of bag that I would carry around all day without a worry. Very cool stuff. Come and check it out.

In your bag No: 598, Samuel Wong We get to have a look inside the bag of a school teacher today. And not a paper or a piece of confiscated chocolate in sight. Instead just a couple of simple cameras and some film. Great stuff.

In your bag No: 595, Nick May A very strong bag shot for you all today. Nick presents us with his bag from Beijing. A Beijing bag. And it is choc-a-block with great gear. Come and check out what is inside and how it is used.