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In your bag No: 555, Trond Båshus Not only does Trond have a pretty awesome name, but he also has a pretty awesome bag. Check out that beast! What a camera! Come and learn more about Trond’s bag.

In your bag No: 549, Simon Pudas Simon like to keep things simple. In true Scandinavian style this bag is simple and straight to the point. Definitely a designers bag. Check it out.

In your bag No: 546 – Paul

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In your bag No: 546, Paul Yes, just Paul, I didn’t get another name. But Paul has a great bag full of wonders which he traverses the streets of Tokyo with. Paul may be a relative film beginner, but he is certainly making the most of living in Tokyo.

In your bag No: 545, Henry Balaszeskul Henry has the very latest camera and a 75 year old camera in the same bag, and he is only 19! He even carries a pair of shoes apparently. Check out this cool bag from Switzerland.

The James Bond 007 bag collection – by David Lo David Lo is back, with another fantastical selection of dream bag drawings. This time though his subject is the most British of instituions, James Bond. Oozing with class, sophistication and deadly intent, David’s bag drawings take us into the world of the gentleman spy.

In your bag No: 542, Joel Mataro Jake brings us a brilliant bag from the Philippines. A nice mix of film, digital and personal. And shirts. Yeah, shirts. It gets pretty hot in the Philippines, so I am not surprised to see spare shirts in this one.

In your bag No: 541, Jake Seliger Wait, another olympus bag…this is getting to be a trend or something. Jake brings us his digital bag (yes, there is a bag there), with a lovely cura strap on it. Check it out.

In your bag No: 540, Krister Vindenes A lovely bag for all you Olympus lovers out there. A film and a digital body side by side, you can certainly see the family resemblance. Come and have a look at this great bag from Norway.

In your bag No: 539, Marko Pirc Today bag is, well, not a bag. Today we have a camera jacket. Marko has some awesome bits stuffed into his jacket including the camera that has covered his entire childhood! That is really cool. Check it out.

In your bag No: 538, N.K.S. Chow Todays bag sounds like something a superhero (or supervillan as the case may be) would carry. N.K.S. Chow is also carrying one of the cameras that I want more than any other, the stunning Paubel Makina 67. Man, what a camera, everything about is is remarkable. I love […]