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In your bag No: 568, Andy Forbes Hopefully everything is back on track now and we are ready to roll with another bag. And what a bag. Any brings us this gorgeous setup, rolling with some very cool film.

In your bag No: 566, Rob D Check out this bag-shot. It looks like something from a travel magazine. And it kind of is a travel bag, as Rob put this together for a little trip around his home country of Germany. Check it out.

In your bag No: 564, Basti Bojek From a super simple bag, to a full on punk skater bag. That is how we roll at JCH. Come and check out Basti’s very interesting setup.

In your bag No: 562, Richard Lee Richard brings us a super moody looking bag shot today. Richard is purist in his idea, that this is not a collection, merely a set of tools to be used for their purpose. Come and have a look at this straightforward bag.

In your bag No: 560, Josh White Josh was featured as one of the very earliest bags, all the way back in 2011. And now he is back, with a new bag and new gear. Check out how things have changed since bag number 25.

In your bag No: 558, Frederik Buse Frederik shares his lovely simple setup with us, including some cracking film cameras and a rather spiffy film case, I wonder where he got that from?

In your bag No: 557, Sharon Yim The first for a while, we have a ladies bag on IYB. And what a cracker it is. Sharon is not only a film photography fan, but a fan of good books and good mints too. Check out this great bag shot.

In your bag No: 556, Øystein Malme Wait, another bag from Norway? Yes indeed. And this time it is from long time reader and supporter of JCH, Øystein Malme. It is cool to see what he shoots with and the film case that I signed for him. Check it out.