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In your bag No: 595, Nick May A very strong bag shot for you all today. Nick presents us with his bag from Beijing. A Beijing bag. And it is choc-a-block with great gear. Come and check out what is inside and how it is used.

In your bag No: 594, Rommel Mendoza Rommel shares his gear from the Philippines with us today. But not a bag in sight, naughty boy. Still come and check out this fantastic setup and see what he shoots.

In your bag No: 589, Patrick Valade Today we have a super tight film bag for you all. Patrick may be a student of the modern techniques, but he shoots film too. And check out how he does it, pretty cool.

In your bag No: 586 – Hamish Gill Hamish has been a long time supporter of the site, but this is the first time we have actually had the chance to check out his gear. And what a great mix of gear he has. Come and check it out.

In your bag No: 586 – Johann Meunier Todays bag comes from France and features a couple of classic battleship cameras. Come and check out what Johann shoots with them. A lovely bag for a Sunday.