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In your bag 487, Mattias Westfalk Mattias shares with us his super medium format bag all the way from….Japan! It is about time we had another bag from Japan and Mattias brings us something for the purists.

In your bag 484, Mark Raugas Mark brings us a very cool bag with a camera that you don’t see people shooting everyday, a massive Mamiya 645 AFD. Simple and smart, this is the sort of bag I would love to have.

In your bag 480, Jacob Bland What Jacob shares with us is less of a bag and more of a story about falling in love all over again. This is about how he re-discovered the joys of shooting film. Come and have a read.

In your bag 479, Benjamin Jay Shand It’s a bag Jim, but not as we know it captain. Benj has a case for us. Filled with interesting and retro bits and bobs. Including a Konica recorder. You don’t see many of them.

In your bag 478, Jay Gao Jay is a skateboarder and a senior and today he has been kind enough to share his bag with us. Come and see this lovely mix of film and digital.