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Make your phone a meter with Lumu

Posted on by Bellamy

Make your phone a meter with Lumu Recently I was introduced to the Lumu light meter via instagram, and I thought that it looked pretty cool. But that is all I knew about it. I saw the development of the meter, and pictures of the meter, but I had not idea of what it was […]

In your bag No: 533 – Jes Roger Petersen

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag No: 533, Jes Roger Petersen Another day and another great bag. I love seeing what is new each day, and today is no exception. Jes brings us a great Nikon heavy setup. He has been through a whole range of film cameras to get to here, I just wish we could see […]

In your bag No: 531 – Tan Jyh Hern

Posted on by Bellamy

In your bag No: 531, Tan Jyh Hern What is so special about this bag you might ask? Well, Tan is only 14 years old, but look at that kit. I would have broken my brothers arm to get a Nikon F2 when I was 14, but they were still ludicrously expensive. I remember looking […]

Vest Pocket Kodak Autographic

Posted on by Bellamy

Vest Pocket Kodak Autographic Recently a very dear friend and mentor was kind enough to give me a very beautiful camera as a touching gift. When I saw the box I didn’t know what it was, but once I opened it I soon got to see and learn a bit about this beautiful camera. So, […]

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