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The ICS camera fair roundup

The ICS camera fair roundup
So the camera fair is just about over and as usual there were some stunning items on display. So here is a little report on some of the things that I found.
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ICS World used camera fair 2012

The ICS 2012 camera fair is almost upon us
Yes, another camera fair, and this time from the ICS group. This is one of the smaller fairs and it is only a two day affair, but there will be plenty of things to see and buy there.
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Shinjuku Camera Fair – 1st day

Shinjuku Camera Fair – 1st day
Well, the first day of the camer fair has started and there were some surprises in store.I was there for the start, although this time I was on a purely recreational basis. Come and find out what I saw.
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The 4th Shinjuku Classic Camera Show

There is another show, this time in Shinjuku
It is that time again folks. There is going to be another used camera fair in Tokyo, and this time it will be in Shinjuku. Get your wallets ready…
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The remarkable Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 Fisheye

I mentioned that I got something special, this is it
As some of you may know I got something very special at the show. A lot of lenses and cameras come and go, but some of them are so special that you have to pause and take a moment to appreciate them. This is the story of how I got it.
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The international camera fair in Tokyo – 1st day

There are some amazing things at the fair
The camera fair has come to town, so I thought I should put up a little piece about what is available there and some of the amazing things that I have seen.
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The 15th International used camera fair in Shibuya

The used camera fair is coming to Tokyo
Yes, thats right, the camera fair is coming to Shibuya again. And this year there are some amazing items on display. I hope to see you there.
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34th International Used Camera Fair in Tokyo

It is that time of year again. Time for a camera fair
Time again for the annual used camera fair in Ginza, Tokyo. This is 34th I.C.S (Imported Camera Society) fair, which will be held in the Matsuya Ginza department store.
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