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Japan Camera Hunter News

3 min read

Japan Camera Hunter News A little update on what is happening this month at JCH. Please read.

Film News: Kodak Alaris – What it means for you It has been an awful few years for Kodak, what with being the harbingers of their own doom by basically inventing the digital camera, horrible mismanagement, and a CEO who puts his greed before his responsibilities. So the news that Alaris is the new Kodak […]

In your bag No: 642 – Sacha Lenz

4 min read

In your bag No: 642, Sacha Lenz Sacha has a cool family name, Lenz…What could be more photography related. He also has a very interesting bag to share with us, not least for the valiant night protecting it.

DIY Film Cannister Business Cards

2 min read

DIY Film Cannister Business Cards I first saw these a while back when PetaPixel featured our very own Dan K with his cool little address tag made from film cannisters. Well, Dan has been really cool and knocked these special ones together for yours truly.