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Photography zines (and books) No: 6 I am really happy that people are following this feature and sharing their work with us. I have had a few more come in and they are great, so come and check them out.

In your bag No: 614, Heath Bennett Heath likes to keep it keep it simple. And this is one of the most basic bags I have featured in a long time. Everything is there and it all has a purpose. This is definitely one of my personal favourites.

In your bag No: 612, Adam Burns Adam is relatively new to the film game, in a sense. He is a returnee, like so many of us he had a little dalliance with digital but when back to film. Come and check out his bag.

The Abnormal Lens

5 min read

The Abnormal lens Rogerio Salgado-Martins shares with us his thoughts on the 50mm lens, that benchmark standard to which all others are compared and asks us, why is it so?

In your bag No: 610, Sandy Blair All the way from Sunny Scotland, we have Sandy Blair and his humungous bags. Seriously, I could not lug all that lot around all day, but Sandy does. Perhaps the Jazz soothes any troubles away. We will see.

In your bag No: 608, James Hughes Today we have a photographer who is based in Istanbul. This seems to be a really popular destination for photographers. The place must be swarmed with them by now. Anyway, James has a pretty sweet setup for us.

In your bag No: 604, Paul Llorca In the continued invasion of the teens, Paul is back. And what an interesting bunch of stuff he has. This one is sure to cause a few comments.

In your bag No: 594, Rommel Mendoza Rommel shares his gear from the Philippines with us today. But not a bag in sight, naughty boy. Still come and check out this fantastic setup and see what he shoots.