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In your bag No: 621, Alistair Noble A delightful monochrome bag for you all today. Alistair shares with us a simple and to the point digital Leica bag and a clutch of MS Optical lenses too. check it out.

In your bag No: 620, Tony Straw We have had a few very simple bags lately. So it is nice to see a bag with a few more bits in it. Including a 3D camera! But wait, there is more. Come and have a look.

Featured project, Iraq by Tom Welland Tom Welland has been featured on the site before and also contributed to one of the most popular articles that has been on JCH. Now tom has a series of pictures for us from what is a very unlikely tourist destination. Come and have a look at a different […]

Photography zines (and books) No: 6 I am really happy that people are following this feature and sharing their work with us. I have had a few more come in and they are great, so come and check them out.

In your bag No: 614, Heath Bennett Heath likes to keep it keep it simple. And this is one of the most basic bags I have featured in a long time. Everything is there and it all has a purpose. This is definitely one of my personal favourites.

In your bag No: 612, Adam Burns Adam is relatively new to the film game, in a sense. He is a returnee, like so many of us he had a little dalliance with digital but when back to film. Come and check out his bag.

The Abnormal Lens

5 min read

The Abnormal lens Rogerio Salgado-Martins shares with us his thoughts on the 50mm lens, that benchmark standard to which all others are compared and asks us, why is it so?

In your bag No: 610, Sandy Blair All the way from Sunny Scotland, we have Sandy Blair and his humungous bags. Seriously, I could not lug all that lot around all day, but Sandy does. Perhaps the Jazz soothes any troubles away. We will see.

In your bag No: 608, James Hughes Today we have a photographer who is based in Istanbul. This seems to be a really popular destination for photographers. The place must be swarmed with them by now. Anyway, James has a pretty sweet setup for us.