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Film Photography posters

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Film Photography posters Recently a good friend of mine gave me a lovely gift, some film canister posters. I love them and I wondered where he had got them. Well, I was lucky enough to be contacted by the man behind them, so now you can get some too.

In your bag No: 681, Mateusz Grybczynski Todays bag is quite possibly the only street bag I have featured with pepper spray inside. It must get pretty hairy shooting the streets of Warsaw. Come and check it out.

In your bag No: 678, Dave Medal Dave has a couple of really cool classic Japanese cameras. All tucked into a nice simple bag. This is a really nice one. Come and check it out.

In your bag No: 677, Marc Fairhurst After the massive bags from Thorsten, it is about time for something a bit more manageable. And this setup from Marc could not be more simple. Check it out.

In your bag No: 674 – Jakub

2 min read

In your bag No: 674, Jakub Jakub hails from Poland, lives in Iceland and has a pug in his bag. A pug. Come and check out why he has a pug in his bag.