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In your bag No: 690, Princess Joy Villa Princess Joy Villa is a larger than life, multi talented artist, and she also happens to be the girlfriend on Mr. Thorsten Overgaard. When Thorsten (here and here)shared his bags he also shared Joy’s bag. And I am glad he did. We need more lady bags on […]

In your bag No: 688, Travis Huggett Travis gives us a peek inside his bag today. Which means we get to have a look at what a fashion photographer shoots. Is that advil is see…

Film Photography posters

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Film Photography posters Recently a good friend of mine gave me a lovely gift, some film canister posters. I love them and I wondered where he had got them. Well, I was lucky enough to be contacted by the man behind them, so now you can get some too.

In your bag No: 681, Mateusz Grybczynski Todays bag is quite possibly the only street bag I have featured with pepper spray inside. It must get pretty hairy shooting the streets of Warsaw. Come and check it out.

In your bag No: 678, Dave Medal Dave has a couple of really cool classic Japanese cameras. All tucked into a nice simple bag. This is a really nice one. Come and check it out.

In your bag No: 677, Marc Fairhurst After the massive bags from Thorsten, it is about time for something a bit more manageable. And this setup from Marc could not be more simple. Check it out.

In your bag No: 674 – Jakub

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In your bag No: 674, Jakub Jakub hails from Poland, lives in Iceland and has a pug in his bag. A pug. Come and check out why he has a pug in his bag.